Our Training Services

We develop and offer a flexible range of learning solutions to meet specific needs of individuals, organizations and government. Our programmes are attended by personnel from Federal Parastatals, Telecom Companies, Non- Governmental Organizations, etc.

We adopt a proactive approach to develop, design and deliver training programmes that focus on specific issues facing our clients. In addition, we support our clients in the development and sustenance of superior competences and proficiencies in leadership and management.

Open Scheduled Courses

Our open scheduled courses run at various locations in Lagos and Abuja. These courses attract professionals and managers within the public and private sectors. Participants have found these courses beneficial as they incorporate practical interactive training from our qualified and experienced professionals.

Training Methodology

Our approach is best in class, interactive and needs focused. Our training incorporates live data and garners from the combined experiences of participants. The participants are provided with training courseware and training will be on a multimedia platform with the use of various visual presentation aids.

Our training model incorporates interactive lectures, group work and assignments, cases studies, games and exercises. Feedback from participants is key to our system as it enables us to consistently and continuously improve our programmes. We receive excellent reviews from participants in our programmes.

In-House Training

We can also provide trainings and workshops on a wide range of various subject areas at clients’ preferred locations. We typically require a pre-agreed minimum number of participants to conduct in-house trainings.

Reinforcement & Follow-Up

Training typically effects a change in behaviour and ultimately staff output. The staying power of results is minimal without a deliberate effort to reinforce learning. Research indicates it takes approximately 30 days to form a new behaviour and 60‐90 days to break old ones and replace them with new ones. Without our FOCOS™ (Follow-Up Coaching Support) System, people typically return to their comfort zones. Coaching provides that support system so new behaviours are sustained.

The objective of FOCOS™ is to support participants in effective application of new knowledge to the job and to demonstrate how continuous application will positively impact the bottom line.